, Lab Director

Dar earned his B.S. in biology from UCLA, and his Ph.D. from Columbia University. After his Ph.D., Dar spent some time in New York working at advertising agencies like Ogilvy and Mather. More recently, Dar was a postdoctoral research scientist at Freie Universität Berlin. In his spare time, Dar thinks about the length of his pants.

Email: Dar Meshi


, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Ceylan Özdem received her master’s degree in Neuro-Cognitive Psychology from Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München and her Ph.D. in Social Neuroscience from Vrije Universiteit Brussel. In her free time, Ceylan observes human behavior in non-experimental settings, scrolls through koala pictures, and watches movies.

Email: Ceylan Özdem


, Graduate Student

Dan graduated summa cum laude from Eastern Michigan University with a B.S. in Psychology. Before arriving at MSU, he spent two years managing the Cognitive & Affective Neuroscience Lab at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Dan is also a jazz saxophonist and is passionate about science communication.





CARRIE FORREST, Research Assistant

Carrie is a sophomore majoring in both neuroscience and Spanish, and she hopes to continue conducting research when she finishes her degree. Carrie grew up in Rockford, Michigan, and in her spare time, she enjoys watching movies and singing along to music with her friends.




ISABELLA GREEN, Research Assistant

Isabella is a sophomore majoring in Neuroscience and Anthropology. She’s from Evanston, IL and has 13 years of ballet training. In her free time she enjoys boat rides and telling people about her awful wisdom tooth surgery.




MATT MULATTIERI, Research Assistant

Matt is a sophomore majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Cognitive Science. After graduating, he hopes to pursue a career in Psychiatry or continue in research. Matt grew up in Troy, Michigan and is active in the CRU movement on Michigan State’s campus. He enjoys Italian food, chess and spikeball in his free time.



SMN Lab Alumni:
MAURA GLYNN, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2017-2018
ARSH SINGH,Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2017-2018